I'm New At Collaboration


Collaboration can be defined as working together to do a task and to achieve shared goals. One of the most powerful imageries of collaboration in the Bible is the idea of Jesus being the head of the church, and we, His children, coming together to form the body. Not only does the body need to work together with the head, but also the parts of the body must learn to work together to achieve a goal that is larger than any individual part. Here at Collaboration Church, we are interested in helping people to discover and fulfill their God-given purpose, while working together to fulfill God’s shared goal for our community.

What Can You Expect?

You can expect to come as you are. Although some churches may say that, we really mean it. We can attest to the fact that God welcomed each of us right where we were. So, we welcome you as you currently are. You can expect to receive biblical teaching in a simple, uncomplicated manner that can be applied to your life. You can expect to find praise and worship intentional, diverse, and unhindered. You can expect more than just a great worship experience (in-the-church), but an opportunity to develop a missional mindset (outside-the-church). That’s right, our mindset is one of rolling up our sleeves and doing what’s needed to improve our community. We feel that we have been sent to make a difference versus waiting for people to come, and we invite you to join us.

We Are Not A Perfect Church

We recognize that the church isn't made up of perfect people who have it all figured out. Instead we see ourselves (from the Pastor to the first time visitor) as works in progress. Imperfect people who are loved beyond what we deserve by a perfect God. While we are not perfect, we are continually in pursuit of perfection and being better than we were yesterday. We believe that eventually you become what you pursue, and this is the reason we are a community that pursues God fully, and work whole heartedly to follow the example Jesus set for us. We do this by an intentional focus on loving people, making disciples, strengthening families, and collaborating with others.